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For most of my career before law school I worked for state, county, city and tribal governments. In my job I used GIS almost every day. My first taste of GIS was Arc Info running on 486DX at Kansas State. We even had a CalComp Table Pen Plotter. So, I go back a way with GIS.

Twenty years after I graduated I had an opportunity to go to law school at Mizzou. My goal was to learn everything I could about the law governing the people, organizations, tools, and techniques intersecting our geospatial calling. There, I discovered that most lawyers are NOT ‘spatial’ like me, and law books rarely contain any maps. (Booo) During my time in law school I also discovered that the percentage of law students and lawyers who understand the commonality between the law and geography are rare.

Now, I find myself scheduled to present the Geospatial Law short course at the MAGIC 2016 Symposium. I’m both excited and bit nervous. My goal is pack this course full of practical answers to the real legal questions confronting you and your peers.

This is where I need your help. Please take a minute and submit your geospatial law questions. Link: https://www.mogovlaw.com/?page_id=348 

You can verify my outlandish claims by going here: http://www.magicgis.org/magic/symposiums/2016/scourses.cfm

I’ll compile your questions and address them at the Symposium. I hope to see you there!

Thank you!



MAGIC 2016 Symposium Information
Geospatial Law:
One of the many benefits of attending the MAGIC Symposium is the opportunity to take some fantastic short courses. The content of these range from introductory to advanced. These short courses are designed to help you be more efficient in your daily work and to grow professionally. We’d like to highlight just a few of the 2016 Symposium courses beginning with Geospatial Law:
Geospatial Law: This is a course that will be of high interest due to hot topics like open records, privacy, data licensing, drones, and many others. This eight-hour blitz through the current state of geospatial law is presented by a lawyer who actually uses ArcGIS 10.3.1 in his practice.

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